CPF Log Files

I have been running a series of tests (more on that at some future time) of CPF on WinXPSP2 Home and have encountered an issue with the log files. I checked “Secure host while booting” in the course of my testing and later unchecked the option. In between, over a couple of days, the logs accumulated a few reports of programs being denied access to the Internet. To my mind oddly, after unchecking the option, all of these items simply disappeared! I believe they should have been retained as useful documentation of what was going on. I could always clear them manually when I wanted to. Similar information recorded in the Event Viewer is retained and is useful in sorting out what was going on. Fortunately, I kept notes, but I’m not always so careful!


The ‘secure host while booting’ options will block all connection attempts while the computer is starting up. With this option disabled the rules you applied for the applications will be used by CPF while the computer is loading.


Yes, I know what “Secure host while booting” does…that’s what I was testing in fact (in part). The issue is that I believe the CPF logs should not be purged of entries that were put there while the option was checked! I hab accumulated several access denial messages during the time the option was checked, but all were cleared when it was unchecked. Not wise, I think.