CPF locks up (freezes) Windows XP


I installed CPF tonight and am very pleased with it so far. Thanks for the free software.

My problem is that I attempted to use the block all/custom/allow all slider in the tray icon. I moved it from custom to allow all and it worked fine. I then went to move it back to custom from allow all and as soon as I moved the slider the entire computer locked up and nothing would work. I had to hit the power button to shut it off.

I’m using Windows XP SP2 on a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, Gigabyte Motherboard. I have the latest version of your software installed.

I would like to continue using your software but can’t risk my computer locking up like that and having to power it off to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated. This is the first lockup I’ve ever experienced with this computer.

Thank you.



Please can you show us your current Rules + Logs(to see what CPF might be blocking)



Maybe locked up was the wrong way to describe the problem. By locked up I mean the computer freezes and I can’t move the mouse, use the keyboard, or do anything. It is 100% unresponsive and requires a hard power-off with the power switch. Rules should have nothing to do with a problem like this. I tried to get the rules and logs but can’t seem to figure out how to cut and paste them from the program. There are 9 rules that are the default rules that came with the program. Any idea how to cut and paste the rules and logs for you?