CPF leaves multiple TMP files behind [RESOLVED]

Greetings, all,

I am new to CPF (version, and so far it seems to be a very nice performer. Passed GRC and PCflank tests, which I cannot say about the numerous other free firewalls I have tried, and doesn’t seem to noticeably affect my DSL speed.

But I have a question. On my system (Windows XP SP2, single computer connecting via Westell 2200 modem/router), CPF creates a 64K .tmp file in the Documents and Settings<username>\Local Settings\Temp directory, and that file is not deleted when the computer is rebooted or shut down. If I exit CPF while Windows is running, though, it IS automatically deleted.

I found by accident that, after a couple of weeks of regular use and shutdown and/or reboot cycles, there are a couple dozen of these files, with all but the most recent of them easily deletable from Windows Explorer; the most recent, though, is locked until the next shutdown or reboot. I have not seen another firewall (at least not one that I have tried) that exhibits this behavior.

Is this a matter of how I have CPF set up, or is it a quirk (or maybe a bug) in the current version of the program, or maybe even something that is unavoidable given its feature set?

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Maybe it has something to do with the log file of CPF. But I am not sure about it.

Further update on the .tmp file issue:

The problem continues, exactly as I described in the first post. Dozens of .tmp files, with all but the most recent (which is locked fore the current session) deletable from Windows Explorer. They just don’t get deleted automatically when the computer is rebooted, although that most recent one IS deleted if I shut down CPF manually using the menu on the Launch Pad tray icon before the computer is rebooted.

I’m thinking that Launch Pad itself may be causing this, or possibly the CPF service is not releasing something at system shutdown, but I’m not sure. I have the XP Windows Firewall Service disabled and Application Layer Gateway Service set to “manual” in Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services. The Windows firewall itself is set to “off” under its own control panel icon. Maybe the services settings are an issue?

As an ■■■■-retentive Type A personality, I would love to get this matter straightened out, even though it does not seem to cause any practical problem other than the boatload of 64K temp files piling up.

Thanks to all for any insight you may have!


Hey Crashman,

I’m using the latest beta ( and it only has a single 64K file in the TEMP folder. It is locked by CPF, though, but there’s only one there with todays date stamp.

This may have been a bug fixed in the beta. You could check with support@comodo.com on this.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, Panic. I think I’ll give the beta a try and report back.

Update: the latest beta correctly deletes the .tmp file before rebooting!!! Three reboots, a total of 1 .tmp file present.

It does produce two alerts in Event Viewer for each reboot, about writing to the registry and so on, but at least I’m not getting buried alive in tmp files.

Thanks again, Panic!