CPF keeps crashing

CPF keeps crashing - I can only have it open for a few minutes. This started a 1 or 2 days after I updated to v2.3.4.45.

Did you do a fresh clean Install or did you just use the updater? You need to do a fresh install when updating to 2.3 as so many changes/amendments were made. Do a clean install of 2.3 and double check that Windows Firewall is turned off. This should solve your problem.


What sort of crash is this? Did CPF create a bug report? If so please send it to us for debugging.


windows firewall is off.
used the automatic update, not a fresh install.
it creates a bug report each time an I have sent it.

Try an uninstall then reinstall with the latest version. It is possible that something may have gone wrong in the updating process.

Yes, I had to uninstall the old version, and then install the new. It works like a charm since…

Remember this update made a lot of changes to the program, so it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall anyway really.

That didn’t work (:SAD)

I have AVG Free anti-virus if that helps

When CPF crashes, it should generate a bug report. Please send it to cpfbugs@comodo.com so that we can debug and fix the issue.


I used system restore to restore my pc to about a week ago. comodo still wasn’t working properly, so I undid the restore. It came up with a message saying that the ‘unrestoration’ was unable to be completed, but comodo ask me to up date it (which wasn’t working previously), it did this twice. the 2nd time after the restart. Now I have successfuly updated to v2.3.5.62 (:CLP).
Don’t know why that worked :o, but :D.

The mysterious way of computers… you never know…

…and it’s started crashing agian (:SAD).
Bug report: http://tbldesign.net/CPF.zip

Can you send this to cpfbugs@comodo.com. I can not download the file. IT is corrupted.