CPF is stopping my comp from providing ICS

I just installed Comodo a couple of days ago, but now the other computers in the house cannot get access to my shared Internet connection through my Linksys Wireless-G Access Point (Model No.: WAP54G). I used the “Define a new Trusted Network” wizard to add my network, but I think that because Comodo recognized my Intel PRO 10/100 LAN Ethernet adapter and not the access point that was plugged into it, the wizard did not open the correct IP range for traffic. This is becoming a big problem and I may have to shut down CPF and reactive Windows Firewall. Please help!

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To allow ICS, you hae to set up a zone based on the IP address of the wireless access point and define it as trusted.

You can define a zone in SECURITY - TASKS. Once you have defined the zone that encompasses the WAP and the PCs that connect via it, set that zone as trusted. This will create network monitor rules that freely, but securely, allow traffic to/from IPs in the defined zone.

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Thanks Ewan, but the trouble I have with doing that is I have no idea how to find out what the WLAN’s range is. [rant]All this seriously bugs me because I am usually very adept at computers and technology in general, but communications (Internet, Local, whatever) have never been my strong suite. Probably has something to do with my stupid dial-up connection stopping me from working fast enough for my tastes! >:([/rant]

I am logged on to AIM right now and if you could send me a message, it would be of great help. Hell, I’ll log onto ICQ as well! (my ICQ number is 491601563)

Sorry bud, I’m on a corporate LAN at the moment and can’t use any form of IM.

You can find out what IP range your WAP is using by clicking on START - RUN and typing CMD. This iwll open a “DOS” window. In the DOS window, type IPCONFIG /ALL. This will display all IP details for all network adaptors in your PC. Find the wireless access point and make a note of the IP it has been assigned. Back in CPF, set up a zone that covers the 255 addresses in the range used by the WAP. For example, if you WAP has been assigned the address, set up you zone so it covers to

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Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up. As I said earlier, whenever I look for it, it recognizes the IP of my Ethernet card and not the WAP. What exactly am I looking for in the list?

What did show up?
You are looking for

I’m not sure i understand how you have it set up…
Does the other computers connect to your PC and not the router?

If you type ipconfig on the other computers, what IP and so on, do you get there?