CPF is broken after last update


I have updated to the most recent version available and the firewall does not work at all. If I dump the firewall and reset my connection everything works fine again. With CPF up I get a notice on the toolbar that says I have “limited or no internet connection” for the Ethernet port that connects my computer to my HV808 router. Everything worked perfectly yesterday, the only thing updated was the CPF and once I unload it everything works fine again. Any way to roll back the update?

=GzR= TinyClown
Minneapolis, MN

I think I have fixed the problem, or at least found a workaround.

I went to my Network Connections in the Control Panel, selected “properties” for the connection I am using, then went into the TCP/IP settings. I left everything on automatic configuration (which is how I usually have it set up) and then added my router as a default gateway. Everything works fine again.