CPF interfering with Free Download Manager

(R)Hey everybody, i downloaded the latest version of CPF and installed it. Then I tried to download a file in firefox using FDM. After allowing downloading i launched the file from FDM and a message came up saying FDM needs to close. Now if i launch FDM i get this message all the time. Any ideas where to start?

Howdy Grey ash and welcome,

First of make firefox a “Web Browser Policy” in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy


hey, seems to have been a false alarm with Free Download Manager. I reinstalled it and allowed it as a web browser. Now it works. However now Microsoft’s hh.exe crashes when i try to navigate to a different section. It will launch fine, but crashes if i go to a different part of the help file. Also winamp.exe crashes on starting. I allowed it as a web browser and tried reinstalling it also, but no luck. Does it need a web browser policy too?

Never used Winamp,you could try making it a “Trusted Application”


hey riggers i rolled back IE 7 to IE 6 now Winamp works fine (R). I realized i had SP3 BETA installed and winamp was complaining about ieframe.dll, so now i will install a new IE7 and see how it goes from there. Thanks