CPF Installed - Very Happy So Far

I signed onto the board a while back and have monitored for three hours of time, so thought I’d say hello. I uninstalled my current firewall today (NetOp Desktop) and installed the current (non-beta) version of CPF. It installed flawlessly - despite not having the new installer in the current beta - and with basically out-of-the-box settings, GRC showed all stealthed ports on Shields Up. I appreciate what I see here in the development of a great replacement for Sygate, or for practically any firewall for that matter. I don’t see myself giving up NOD32 for AV, but that does not mean that I couldn’t eventually recommend to folks on a limited budget Comodo’s AV - especially once out of beta. Anyway, good to be here! Thanks! CHUCK

Hello Chuck,

Glad you like the Firewall. As I too use the current stable version I have tried the Beta and it is extremely stable, and has some great features, I am thinking of actually going back to the beta myself, no I am not asking you to replace Nod32, but why not try the new version of Comodo Antivirus, next week when its released :). Comodo Antivirus may be something to consider when your current subscription ends. Once again I am glad you like the firewall and welcome to the Comodo User Forums :D.

CPF is very stable here as well . Runs very well . (L)

Welcome aboard Chuck.

Glad you like CPF! Its getting better with every version.
It is our intention to help you give up any other security software and have Comodo protect your machine. But we also know that we can’t do it by simply asking you! We have to build better products then whats out there for us to achieve that!

So please help us by telling us what you want to see in an AV app to convince you to use Comodo AV for example. We have wishlists per product that you can contribute in. These are then used by our developers to improve the products.

thank you for choosing Comodo for your firewall needs!