CPF Incompatibilities

As per my previous thread:


…I’ve been having problems with KAV. Recently however, I noticed something. My usual method of installing applications is to use Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) to block all web traffic and then disable KAV thus eliminating the risk of being infected whilst KAV is down (I don’t bother with an RTS anti-spyware app…yet). Then I re-enable KAV followed by CPF. Logical, yes?

Using the above method I am guaranteed the results posted in the previous thread. I.e. KAV doesn’t re-initialize properly (for all forms of protection) and hangs indefinitely when I click web anti-virus. The web anti-virus is the clue. If I reverse the re-activation procedure (allowing web traffic THEN re-enabling KAV). The problem doesn’t occur.

Obviously KAV doesn’t like it when it tries to re-initialize only to be blocked access to the web when it tries to do so.

I don’t know if this is an incompatibility on the side of CPF or KAV but one thing is certain. There IS an incompatibility. Unless, of course, this occurs for any firewall blocking web-access when the user attempts to re-enable KAV. But I would have thought that would be far too obvious and long since be accounted/noticed before. I could be wrong.

I will post this topic on the CPF forums as well in the vain hope that perhaps one day these 2 companies will figure out what’s wrong.

One can always dream I guess…

Good Luck. :wink: