CPF Icon disappearing in new CPF Beta

I have had two instances of the Comodo Firewall icon disappearing (or possibly not appearing on startup) since installing Beta version. One of these occurred this morning when the system was booted cold. The service (cmdagent.exe) and the firewall (cpf.exe) were both running, according to Process Explorer (which substitutes for Task Manager on my system). I fixed things by killing cpf.exe and then starting it manually by double-clicking the executable in the Program Files folder. For future events (if any) I have added a link to the Start Menu to speed recovery a little.

The other event occurred two days ago. Cmdagent.exe was running then, but I didn’t think to check cpf.exe on that occasion and fixed matters by rebooting (clumsy and slow). >:(

I am not running Comodo LaunchPad. My OS is Windows XP SP2 Home Edition fully patched to 08/09/2006.

Yes. Sometimes, because of a bug in Windows XP, this happens. We are looking at the issue. But do not worry if you dont see the tray. If CPF were inactive, you would receive a baloon box with the error.


Thaks for your reply, Egemen!

I thought the issue might be WinXp, but could not be sure. And I did not klnow about the baloon tip appearing is cpf.exe disappeared.

CPF is really a great product and improving all the time!

Further to my previous post, I remembered on my morning walk today that WinPatrol had suffered from a previous “missing tray icon” issue. See the following thread at CastleCops:


This discusses the problem there. You can reach WinPatrol support at support@winpatrol.com.

Briefly, the effect is due to “insufficient activity” (so says MS) and the solution (I velieve) is essentially to recreate the icon from time-to-time, but BillP can tell you more.

I have an easy fix for this, after everything has loaded on bootup, make sure youhave no windows open. open processmanager, and kill explorer (there should only be one instance). go to new tasks, and restart explorer. All your tray icons should reappear.

another fix is to log off as user, and relogon. I beleive…

probly an issue with systray.exe

This workaround should also work well https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1732.0.html