CPF Helped me beat a trojan!

Hi everyone,

On Sunday I got a trojan that kept installing spywares into any program I launched, even if the program didn’t go on the internet, the spyware I am guessing would to send what I do with the program and what the data I have in the program across the internet to the hacker, but Comodo Personal Firewall warned me and helped me stop the trojan on my machine, it also whenever the trojan tried to install its spywares in the program Comodo would tell me what file was running the spywares and what the spywares file was, using that small information from Comodo I was able to identify what needed to be done to stop the trojan, and delete it, first I hit deny, then one of the files the trojan was using was a Windows System File so I left that alone but I went and used a tool called Unlocker to destroy the spyware files, with that the Windows File is ok and so is my system, and its all thanks to Comodo Personal Firewall.

P.S. My antivirus/antispyware except Ewido (which only detected a little bit of it) didn’t detect any of this.

That’s excellent news!
We will be building more preventative technologies into CPF very soon, to help protect against malware.


Thats great to hear Melih. I can’t wait to see what Comodo adds to the firewall. It has great protection at the moment but it appears Comodo is doing its best to improve the Firewalls quality and security.

That’s excellent to hear Justin1278.
Also, great to hear that the best firewall (IMHO) is further improving :wink: