CPF hangs XP on boot

1-2 days a week, CPF hangs my XP system on boot. never gets past “CPF is initializing”. locks the whole system, only way out is a dirty boot. anyone ever see this before?

Could be that CFP and another security app you have installed are conflicting. Have you tried disabling any of the other apps on start up to see if that affects it?


The User profile hive cleanup service from microsoft generally speeds up shut down times but it can also help with problems like this.

Basically it gets rid of problems with user profile not unloading on shutdown and I have heard reports that it can help with problems such as this one.

You can also get startup problems if you have ticked to ‘block all outgoing connections while booting’ in CFP settings.


Ah, that may explain why it’s a bit slow here too! Thanks for the tip.