CPF freezes Computer for 2 minutes.

I been using CFP for a couple of days now and had no problems until recently. I search all over the forums and could not found a similar topic, if in case there is can somebody point me on the right direction, appreciated ;D

Heres the prob when I try to access any option in CFP the computer freezes for about 2 min. Then it responds again. That includes if I whant to change a policy to click the about option too see what version I have. I try to Ctlr-Alt-Del but the TM doesnt come up. If theres a solution please tell me or link me to it. I Have CFP ver 3.021.329 also Vista Home Premium SP 1, using Avast, AVG Anti-Spyware, Kaspersky anti-virus. CFP runs fine but it freezes everytime I want to change some option in the program or policies, Thanks :-TU

It may be down to the fact that you are running two antiviruss at once. There have been some conflicts with CPF3 and Kaspersky and the solution was to ensure that KAV was installed first and then the Defense+ was set to Clean PC Mode. It’s strange that CPF is freezing when you try to access the policies. It seems as if there is a problem loading the GUI or possibly a not enough memory on your machine or the two antiviruses running. Which version of Avast are you running? There seems to be some bugs in 4.8 recent release.


I strongly agree with Eric regarding the travails of running two anti-virus products on the same machine.

I’m biased, of course, but my vote goes to Kaspersky. I just updated it to v7.0.1.325 today with no issues running alongside CFP v.329. Try uninstalling Avast to see if your freezing symptoms are resolved.

Thanks for the reply :-TU

I have 2 gb of memory +readyboost (helps a little), also Kaspersky and Avast were install first. I never had problems with those two anti-viruses. Avast ver is 4.8 build 4.8.1169 I will put CFP defend+ to clean PC and if no fix then remove AVAST to see if does fix the problem. Do you know another free antivirus and not conflicted with to Kaspersky and CFP? Thanks 8)

Why are you compelled to run another anti-virus application in conjunction with Kaspersky?

Running dual anti-virus programs on the same system is a recipe for more headaches, if not more-serious problems down the road.

There is near-universal agreement among all PC users – and anti-virus software publishers – that you should stick with one anti-virus solution. While it’s true that some anti-spyware products of different brands can peaceably co-exist on the same machine, the same normally does not hold true for anti-virus applications.

I strongly urge you to stick with Kaspersky since you already have a registered copy of it. KAV 7 and CFP make a great combination in most cases, and I will be glad to personally help you work out any kinks between the two programs if you remove Avast from your system.

Problem solve :-TU All I did was change Defense+ to Clean PC Mode and so far everything runs smootly (:KWL)
Thank guys for your help and suggestions ! I agree having two anti-virus can give you trouble but If theres a way I can get around it I go for it. You cant be to secure now a days. (V)

Great News that we’ve managed to resolve your problem! USSS is right about running two antiviruses together. Actually, thinking about it Avast is much like Kaspersky itself, simular modules and methods. KAV is definately a more complete product and Avast (with the exception of the email module) is only a signature based Antivirus at the moment (No Heuristics). If you’re wanting further protection why not install and run Comodo BoClean instead of Avast Antivirus. CBoClean and KAV work fine together. There’s a new release of it on the 15th of April.