CPF forum incompatible with CPF???????


I’ve been running CPF for a couple of days now and tonight I registered for this forum.

How come I’ve got to turn off CPF to post a reply to this forum about CPF???

LOL! It’s kinda funny.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You don’t need to turn off CPF to post on the forum ???

Why exactly do you do this? Is there any error messages? Can you access the page?

I have CPF set to the highest security it allows and have no problems with any feature of this forum, or any other forum I have been to (quite a bit).

I personally suggest you scan through your application/component monitor rules and see if you can find anything that you might have denied. Also, are you using a proxy or web filter?

I have used this forum in both FireFox, and IE. If worse comes to worse, you could try deleting all of the application/component monitor rules and starting fresh (Under Security/Wizards you can run the "Scan for Known Applications wizard). Maybe try to be more carefull when creating rules… this is about all I can think of.

If you decide to get a fresh start on your CPF rules, don’t foget to restart it ;D

Welcome to the forum panic.
I believe what AJohn suggested about app rules is correct also. I would remove the browser rule and reconnect.I use the Opera browser with no problems. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

It’s only this forum - other http pages load OK, other .php pages are served promptly (and these other pages load WHILE waiting for a reply to be posted!).

If CPF is enabled I can’t reply to posts until I turn it off. There is nil traffic on the outbound IF (to the forum) and nil activity within CPF (regarding the forum post) - it just does nothing. Other traffic is simultaneously sent and received.

I haven’t manually created any rules, the only rules are those created by the learning mode of the FW. I’ll try deleting the pertinent rules, let them be recreated and repost the results.

My default browser is AMBrowser (IE extension - like Maxthon), but the same thing happens with IE and FF.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Ewen :slight_smile: