CPF 'forgets' settings at boot

My system is a 1.7 GHZ P4, Windows XPSP2 Home Edition, fully patched, My AV is Grisoft AVG7 Free which I have used for more than a year without trouble. I also run the mail alert utility PopTray which I have used for many years without problems. I am aware of the issues between CPF and AVG7 and have dealt with them through the “Skip Advanced Checks” check box option. Because I find it very inconvenient to run from an ordinary (restricted) user account, I run PopTray and my e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird through the MSDN DropMyRights procedure. Consequently, these are both marked as “Allow Invisible Connections” in CPF.

Now to the problem: when I boot or when I reboot, there is some probability that CPF will forget the two Miscellaneous settings for PopTray and/or avgemc.exe, the AVG7 mail scanner. CPF will then pop a query about one or both programs. Unfortunately, answering “allow” and “remember” fails because there is no way to set the two miscellaneous options at that point and I must edit the Applications listing for each of these.

If CPF forgets about PopTray, CPF will block PopTray, which will then fail to connect to the mail server. A nuisance at best. I am experimenting here with a delay in the first execution of PopTray, hoping the basic issue is a race condition that this will circumvent.

There are actually two instances of avgemc.exe involved which differ in their parentage: one is the child of explorer.exe, the other is the child of svchost.exe [DCOM Server Process Launcher]. Only the former [child of explorer] is involved here, and, in fact, it does not survive for very long, since Process Explorer shows only the latter (child of svchost) to be running after the boot phase is complete. However, when allowed to run, “child of explorer” hangs because of the incompatibilioty of CPF and AVG; it must be killed in the Task Manager; and then the AVG email scanner must be re-activated. All of this is a real nuisance. Again I am suspicious of a race condition.

There seem to be only two real ways out of the mess: drop CPF, which I really like, and revert to ZoneAlarm; or to replace AVG7, which I also like, with something else.

Any further suggestions or assistance would be very welcome!

My best suggestion is to drop AVG. Comodo’s Free Antivirus is due to release 2.0 early next month (Fingers crossed) and doesn’t use any of your system resources for On Access scanning. It’s On Demand Scanning speed is improving and the Virus Database is constantly increasing in size. Have a look at it!



Whats the version of CPF you are using?What sort of popup do you see? Can you paste a screenshot?

Also make sure “Security->Advanced->Basic popup logic” option is selected.


I am using CPF, the latest available. The popups seen are the ordinary CPF ones that it displays when a new program tries for access. Haven’t got one handy and they are, in fact, hard to reproduce on command. I have done one cold boot this morning since increasing the time delay for PopTray from 30 seconds to 60 seconds: no problems were encountered. Maybe the issue really is a race among CPF, PopTray, and AVG. Time will tell, but it may be a few days before I can be sure.

As to dropping AVG for Comodo’s antivirus: I will wait and see what the experts say about that. So far as I can tell, no AV is perfect and all have drawbacks. I’m not an early adopter in that area.

My problem with CPF and AVG Email scanner is not that it forget’s to allow AVGEMC.EXE in and out. It simply does not allow it. I have removed the permissions and (using Outlook 2003), clicked send/receive and told the CPF to allow and remember this application the access it needs. Still, CPF will not allow and times out with a failed receive message. I have no problems sending email, only receiving. This is my first time in a forum, so if this is not the appropriate location to add to this problem, please let me know. Thanks