CPF for Vista

You have probably been asked a number of times but I am going to ask anyway, when do you think CPF will be available for Vista as I am getting very cranky with the substandard firewalls out there that one minute allow a program to access and the next minute it doesn’t. And the Vista firewall needs a rocket scientist to work out how to set rules etc. I use CPF on my other system which runs XP and never have a problem with it, but this laptop runs Vista. If I would have known the hassels with Vista I would have asked the computer shop to put XP on, its a right pain in the “butt”.
I look forward to your answer because I want the best firewall on the market to be on this machine.

CFP V3 was scheduled for release to public beta on April 16th, but this was put back to May 15th for some final touch ups. Better to be released when its ready, rather than just sticking to a schedule and damn the consequences.

It’s worth pointing out that when released it will be a beta. Beta software should not be used in a production environment. It’s use in a production environment is SOLELY at the users discretion. The usual “If you choose to use our beta products, Comodo is not liable for any loss of … yada yada yada”. You know the drill. :wink:

Do not use CFP V3 BETA RELEASE in a production environment, or on any system you do not want to be affected by any possible consequences caused by the execution of same.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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