CPF failed "leak test"

I used the PCFlank Leaktest to test if comodo personal firewall pro v2.4.18.184 was leaking and the test result was that is was leaking! i hope you can do some thing about it :wink:

you can find the test at: Leaktest | PCFlank

cheers, Banzo

My appologies, but I have jumped an earlier post placed by Banzo in the “How can you help Comodo” section thinking the concern may be better posted here ???
I also used the PCFlank leak test just now and was surprised when informed my firewall had FAILED the test. ( CPF v. )
Very concerning! (:SAD)

Any Thoughts? (:KWL)

I believe this subject was extensively covered previously.
pls search the topics for this test.

and …

no we don’t fail this test :slight_smile:

My appologies Melih for the mispost. (:KWL)

don’t worry about it…
not a problem at all :slight_smile: