cpf.exe - internet access necessary?

I recently noticed cpf.exe asking for internet access as soon as I boot my computer up, and it never used to do it before. This behavior started just in the past couple weeks. I remove that rule for Comodo FW that comes default, as I like to see what everything is doing myself and allow most things on a per case basis.

So, is there any particular reason cpf.exe needs internet access to function properly? I’ve both allowed, and blocked it, just to see if there was any difference… and I noticed none. I have automatic updating disabled, so it shouldn’t be that. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure it’s a different process that carries that out anyway?

And while we’re at it… how about “cmdagent”? I’ve also seen that try to access the internet, namely DNS. Is this necessary, and why? Comodo Secure DNS seems to function just fine without granting it access. I’ve blocked both of them and everything seems to function just fine. And my basic rule of thumb is = if you deny access, and it still works fine regardless, then it doesn’t need it. That’s good advice with apps you may not completely trust, but for a security app you do trust, that’s in charge of monitoring the rest of my system, perhaps it’s not sound logic in this case?

Much obliged for any help.

Info: Comodo FW & D+ only (no AV), v. 5.9.219863.2196. WinXP Pro SP3. Only other real-time security product is Keyscrambler Premium.

As far as I’m aware, a direct connection by cfp.exe, is used when updating the Message Centre (More/Preferences/Enable Comodo Message Centre) cfp.exe also acts a a parent for cfpupdate.exe. Cmdagent.exe handles AV updates and cloud look-ups. One of them is probably responsible for updating the TVL, too.