Cpf.exe Explorer.exe keep on dissapearing from from D+ Active Procces List

Hello i’m running CPF 3.0/ with D+…F&D+ are set to Train With Safe Mode

I have played Counter Strike 1.6 today and after quiting cs i took a look at Defense+/ View Active Proccess List\ and there were no explorer.exe,cpf.exe,BoC425.exe and avgcc.exe listed below? Now my question is what has happened to explorer.exe and the other proccesses? Aren’t they supposed to be listed there all the time? Was this some proccess crash/bug and or was it because of CS/conflict with explorer.exe? I have’t seen any errors reported in the event viewer!? Now i can see explorer.exe cpf.exe and other proccesses listed down below explorer.exe /after restarting pc\

One more question i would like to ask you all: I have added explorer.exe to “My Protected Files” is this a good idea to do or not and also under Computer Security Policy i have enabled Protection for Proccess Termination,interproccess memory access and windows/winevent hooks for explorer.exe

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I guess it is redundant, if you didnt change/delete default group “executables” in “my protected files” (as all files which match to group “executables” by extension are already protected by D+).

This technique (interproccess memory access) is used by many legitimate processes (e.g. some of your programs), so you may experience some inconveniences/problems.

I guess you may leave default options for explorer.exe as you will receive alert(s) from D+ anyway if unknown process (e.g. malware) will try to do something with explorer.exe.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I believe i know now that explorer.exe,cpf.exe and other proccesses are supposed to be listed in D+ Active Proccess List \always\ but what had happened to them before i don’t know ???

Explorer.exe,cpf.exe have dissapeared again while i played Day of Defeat via Steam.exe? It only dissapears when i’m playing the games via Steam.exe but it doesn’t when im just surfing the web!?

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Maybe they dissapear only from D+ Active Proccess List? Check task manager, maybe they are still running, but not shown in D+ dialog.

Yep u are correct! They only dissapear from D+ Active List!? cpf.exe still runs in task manager and firewall still keeps on blocking an incoming connections when explorer.exe and cpf.exe dissapear from D+ Active List! However this is still suspicious to me ??? Last night Steam.exe wanted to use explorer.exe bocore.exe service.exe winlogon.exe and avg’s proccess/avgamsvr.exe? What was that about i dunno and I’m not so sure what Steam.exe really wanted to do with them i pressed quickly on block button and denied Steam.exe to have anything to do with those proccesses i should have taken a screenshots :o but maybe next time ;D

This is obviously a bug --even though not critical. Please report it at the CFP bug reports board, and don’t forget to add all kind of info about your system as well as the game you use when the problem appears. Even if you didn’t take screenshots of the attempts by steam.exe, look in the firewall or defense+ logs in case those events are still recorded, or try to reproduce them.

Hello Every time i play Counter Strike 1.6 or Day Of Defeat via Steam.exe Explorer.exe Cpf.exe BoClean and AVG AV dissapear from D+ Active Proccess List When i just surf the web or play some other games not via /Steam.exe\ Explorer.exe Cpf.exe and other proccesses don’t dissapera from D+ Active Proccess List It looks like Steam.exe is causing this problem only!

Theres no logged/reported errors in event viewer

This Problem can be reproduced every time i start to play CS or DOD

I can get back Eplorer.exe CPF.exe and other proccesses under D+ Active Proccess List only when i restart a pc

When Explorer.exe Cpf.exe dissapear from D+ Active Proccess List Cpf.exe still runs in taskmanager all ports are stealthed and all incoming communications are blocked

CPF 3.0 is set to train With Safe Mode D+ is set to Clean PC mode
System Info XP SP2 32-bit
Security Applications: BoClean,AVG Free AV and CPF.30 version 3.015.277

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done :slight_smile:

Explorer.exe has dissapeard again from Defense+/View Active Proccess List I am using the latest CPF 3.0 version

This problem still exists… Explorer.exe still keeps on dissapearin from Defense/View Active Proccess list and everthing listed below Explorer.exe dissapears as well cpf.exe avg, boc425.exe It looks like Steam.exe is still causing this problem?