CPF.exe contains trojan?

Hi all,
Just came over from Sygate PF to Comodo - still getting a feel for it. Went away for a day and left the computer on - with Comodo running (Custom mode - just known apps allowed). Came home and found Comodo no longer running, re-started it and all security setting had been turned “off”. Restarted the computer and ran TDS-3 (an old anti trojan app). It claims that “Live trojan found (in process memory): RAT.The Prayer 1.2 File: C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe”
I ran an AVG scan shortly after installing Comodo firewall but nothing was found.
Anyone heard of this supposed trojan?

obviously this is a false positive.
this old anti trojan app is confusing a powerful firewall with a trojan.


I have had the same issue…

Seemed that at some point Comodo did turn off & all the settings were set to off.

But i did not scan with TDS for long time… i just did & it also says a RAT prayer 1.2 is cpf.exe which is Comodo…

Could it be infected or is TDS just confused?

TDS is just Confused!


You must to run “newests App’s”

Comodo products are clean and safe. Ant are the best.
I’m waiting impatient CAVS final release because i’ve got sensitive files in my PC and i don’t run Beta’s.
My old PC for running Beta’s crashed some times ago :smiley:

CPF.exe is digitally signed. If you go to CPF installation directory, when you right-click a CPF executable file (e.g. files ending in .exe or .dll) you can select Properties, Digital Signatures to verify the digital signature of the file, which lets you identify the publisher and integrity of the file.

For example look at How to Verify PatchWork’s Digital Signature

This is a generic tutorial on digital signatures

Hello there> I am surprised to see TDS Pro. 3 is still being used ( I loved that software) however is way, way, way outdated ???
This software hasn’t been supported for years and years and is dependent on the daily updating of .trf files
Also the idea, that a firewall, so so many are using being a trojan… well… you would see the “board” light up like never before.
And that is not happening. (S)
Nope, there is no tojan… just a real strong firewall. (:KWL)

Came home and found Comodo no longer running,
re-started it and all security setting had been turned “off”

well, something IS wrong here IMO .

Mmmm, that would be very worrysome!! :THNK

I have not encountered this situation, hopefully one of COMODO fine “staff” can shed some light on your problem.
Goodluck. (:KWL)

GRRRRRRRRRRR. Please melih, post MD5 and/or SHA-1 hashes. If this was the case then we could ask this person to check the md5/sha-1 hash and check it against the official hash!!!

EDIT: Maybe not needed as the file is digitally signed, although couldn’t a virus/trojan/worm fake this signature???

Yeah they need to check. here is some info I found about that Rat trojan, http://www.spynomore.com/rat-the-prayer-1-2.htm . If y’all got that on your pc, ya got some serious issues.

And no, that wasn’t an endorsement for that particular antispyware product. Its just the first article I came across. I’d actually recommend a visit to a site like Castlecops to get help trying to remove complicated malware. The Antispyware they recommend " Superantispyware" would be what I’d try before something I haven’t heard of. I Don’t think Comodo forums has a place for resolving these types of issues.