cpf.exe 100% CPU, app locked. Logs? Bitcomet? Feeddemon?

I’ve already poured over the threads regarding CPU usage of cpf.exe. I think I may be encountering a unique situation here. Not sure, and I’ll try playing around with logs (enabling/disabling, etc…) and see if that fixes the problem, but this occurs only occasionally.

Normal CPU usage of cmd.exe is pretty light… 2% or so. Unfortunately, however, every so often cpf.exe will start eating 94 - 100% of CPU time (94% if anyting else is using clicks at the same time, 100% if its the only thing using clicks).

I went to try to disable logs, change settings, anything… whenever this happens, neither double clicking, nor right clicking on the systray icon will do anything (well, right-clicking causes a white box the size of the menu to appear on the screen and not. go. away.). I tried to force the app to the foreground by going to the start menu and hitting the shortcut there for comodo. No dice. Obviously, I can’t kill the application, or service. Until today, I was stuck with having to reboot the entire computer.

For whatever reason, today, I started killing off programs that would use the network/inet, one by one. I managed to kill two… BitComet and Feeddemon. Bitcomet exited gracefully, feeddemon required a process kill (although it probably would have exited gracefully if I had wanted to wait for quite a while… it does a lot of cleanup on exit, and with CPU taken up by cpf.exe, I didn’t want to wait).

Killing bitcomet seemed to do nothing (I had no connections at the time, anyway), but I whacked feeddemon so rapidly after, I’m not sure which program was the culprit.

A few seconds (10 - 30) after Feeddemon was killed, cpf.exe dropped to normal cpu usage and the app finally popped up. Nothing unusual was in the logs (and at that point, all were logging).

Any ideas here, folks? Anyone experience anything similar?

(I’ll keep this thread updated as I experience this again and again… but it’s usually several days (2 - 5) between instances.)


Hey, i’ve got nearly the same problem.

Firewall works ok.
And the other moment its up to 50% cpu usage.
I’ve got hyperthreading so i compare it with 100% cpu usage.

i don’t know how is it triggered. often is it during browsing with firefox.
but i don’t know what it depends on.

sometimes it goes back to normal usage of ca. 3% but after few minutes back to 100%
Does anybody know how to fix the problem.
It’s very annoying!

What could it depend on?

Please Help

PS: sometimes (i think its just then when the app is up to 100%) i click the app sys tray icon and exit i’ll get the windows error report message. (error occured)
and sometimes the svchost.exe just afterwards…

I’ve found the answer in the forum.

and it works. thanks.