CPF error message on startup

CPF (lastest version) gives a “can’t initialize, doesn’t support fast user switching” on XP startup. After that, it seems to work fine. No other firewalls running. Any suggestions? Thanks.

That is not an error & it is nothing to worry about. CPF is just warning you that Fast User Switching is disabled & that it could not start CPFs Session Manager to deal with Fast User Switching. This confusing message will be removed in the next version (maybe due today).

I have the same thing. Only … things are not fine afterwards!
The firewall does 'nt seem to work after this message and the computer just freezes up.
I have to unplug my Wanadoo / Orange Livebox router while starting up and activate it later.

Anything ?

Er… no. I was just repeating information that Comodo had previously issued. As it turns out, they recently said that the message hadn’t been removed from new release after all.

As far as I am aware, your the only person who has reported any specific probalems following that error/warning message. You’ll need to wait for a response from one of the Comodo people. Sorry.

Hi and welcome,

What version are you using? The latest ( fixed some bugs that caused freezes.


The latest version will only show that message once and then dont show. It is not important. Just informing you that FUS is not enabled.