CPF doesn't start minimized after boot (v. 3.5.55810.432 x32) [FIXED]

Hi, I was wondering this last version just installed fix my boring problem, but it doesn’t:

Everytime I boot my laptop with Win XP Pro sp3 x32, the main window often appear in the center of the monitor and I have to close it to the systray.
That’s doesn’t happen on my desktop pc, either with XP Pro sp3 x32 and XP Pro sp2 x64 (always starting minimized in the tray).
Starting from the 3.0.25 version up to the latest 3.5.55810.432 one, I had and I have always the same problem just on my laptop

I tryed to looking for a check box in the settings to activate the feature but there isn’t anything about that

My CPU is an Intel Core 2 duo T7300 and the apps loading with windows are Avira Personal edition (8.02), Comodo Boclean (4.27), Realtek drivers and control pnl and Norton Ghost 14.
The same applications are loaded on my desktop pc too
CPF is setted in Custom Policy for the firewall and in Clean mode for the defence, like my desktop pc
In all computers I’m logged as administrator (I’m the unique owner and user)

I hope to wrote everything you need. Just in case, I attach the file generated from your support app

Tks in advance

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I had a similiar issue caused by two instances of CFP.exe loaded at startup.
In my case I added one manually in previous versions.

To run CFP hidden it is needed to append a -h switch (cfp.exe -h).
Running this command two times will show cfp main window.

AutoRuns for Windows Logon tab could prove useful to eventually remove a 2nd instance of cfp.exe during startup.

If there is only a cfp.exe run command (or alike) then it is possible that something interferes with cfp hiding.
It could prove useful to manually exit cfp from the tray icon and then modify CIS/CFP shortcut on desktop to add a trailing space and -h.

Running that shortcut will confirm if cfp hiding works in normal conditions to eventually find a workaround to delay the loading of other startup programs.

Hi and tks a lot for your answer.
You was right, I found two entries of CFP in msconfig/startup, I just unchecked the box of one of them, rebbot (for confirmation) and now everything is perfect.

Normally I always chk that section but after some programs installation only, just to be sure there is nothing more added in that secion (99% of any app want to start with windows and 99% of them never ask you during setup if you want that program starting with win), just to keep my boot at an accettable speed.
Not installing anything more during this period didn’t let me to go through the msconfig, otherwise I should recognize that double entry of CFP.

So, many tks for your time, very appreciate

Have a nice time

Your’re welcome :slight_smile: