CPF doesn't remember programs

Whenever I start up World of Warcraft and login, CPF has about 10-15 access notifications that come up. I’ve told it several times that it’s a trusted program, via the check box “Remember settings for this application…” or whatever. But it’s strange, the notifications come up with the box checked already, and it comes up EVERY time. It’s getting annoying, anyone know what it might be? WoW was just patched, so I could understand that, but it wasn’t just once after that… :frowning:


What version of CPF is it? As this is a known issue with This has been fixed with version 2.3 released next week.
To solve this in and other versions go to your application monitor and delete all entries for world of warcraft as this will cause CPF to reissue new popups and should this time remember them.


Great thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.