CPF configuration

I have Comodo Firewall V3.0 installed in my first computer (Windows XP) wich is connected to Internet.

My second computer is runing under LINUX.

The 2 computers are connected to a DLINK SWITCH. Their IP adresses are and

When CPF is off I can access to Internet from my Linux computer via my other one. But when CPF is on I can’t.

How do I configure CPF to access Internet from my second computer ?

Thank’s for your help.

I guess you could try to create a trusted zone using Firewall Tasks\Common Tasks\Stealth Ports Wizard\Define a new trusted network - stealth my ports to EVERYONE else

and then select the network zone for your LAN

Please check if Firewall Tasks\Advanced\Firewall Behavior Settings\Alert settings\This computer is an internet connection gateway is enabled.

If this still doesn’t work you need to clear your CFP log, reproduce the issue and then post the log here.