CPF compromised?

I just switched to the newest version - a few days. But suddenly CPF broke down last night.

I noticed that my broadband modem suddenly got a lot of traffic (at that time I was not running any program) and my hard disk was busy running. After a while, all control of network i.e. app monitoring, network monitoring, etc were switched “off”. They cannot be turned on again until I re-boot my pc.

It seemed that the CPF was under attack. Before that happen, the “Protection Strength” shown on the GUI was “Excellent”. I have been using previous version for a few months and it worked perfectly well.

Would the technical staff take my case seriously as the scenario was horrifying? I have never seen before!

I would also like to make a feature request here(this should be posted in another forum thread I know but please excuse me for it is a little related and I am lazy!). Could a import rules and a password lock features be added to make configuring the firewall easier and less error prone especially for new or novice users?

Best Regards!

First, there is a password protection coming in a verion soon I hope… It’s on the wishlist. About importing rules, that will also come in a future version. For now, you can download the backup script you find in firewall/help section of the forum. Then you can save all your rules/settings and just import them if you do a reinstall.

About the other thing, you should have things in your log that say if it where a attack or something like that.
CFP shuts down the connection in case of a serious attack to protect you.
You can post your log here if you want help with it.

Dear All,

I would like to make some supplement here for my last post. At the time my PC was attacked(I guess), I had been staying on-line for a few hours without calling up any network aware application. I must admit that this is not a good practice. The reason I did so was that I wished to seek information from the web anytime when needed. As an alternative for being safe and convenience for those 24 hour on-line PC like mine, I would suggest the following measure found in the attached word file.

BTW, do not over-trust any application! Hope that this could help! Please correct me if I got anything wrong.

Best Regards!

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Dear All,

CPF is improving and seemed stable now. I discovered one cause of sudden break down lately.

Please click the below link to see my another post on it.