CPF Complete Removal

Like many others, I experienced some serious problems after installing Comodo Personal Firewall 2.4 (Free). In addition to system instability (BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL shutdown message), critcally, I lost all LAN and Internet facilities after uninstalling, (including when trying to upgrade to v3.2). I was close to abandoning Comodo altogether.
I only recovered because I have the ability to replace a defunct OS with a working clone
(thanks to hours invested in mastering XXClone).
This I cannot readily do in the other PC in my LAN.

My PC:
Two 80GB HDs, each with several partitions, for clones, work backup etc etc.
Several versions of XP Pro SP2, including basic XP, all bootable.
Antivirus : AVG and ability to surf internet in Sandbox (Sandboxie.com - highly recommended).

I spent hours and hours researching this forum which produced some clues.
I did several experiments with one of my bootable basic XP Pro SP2 installations,
which only had a few utilities:

  • Win Patrol (2007), RegSeeker (1.55), XXClone (v58), and most important UPHClean.
  • Also has ERUNT for registry backup, which is invaluable - (XP System Restore is Disabled)

I offer the following method for clean uninstallation of CPF
(NOTE: This was on the Basic version of XP Pro SP2,
with all MS UpDates and no Antivirus Application)

  1. ERUNT (or System Restore Point)
  2. Turn off Comodo self protection of files and registry
    (Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure)
  3. Win Patrol - disable Comodo startup - and Comodo App Agent in XP Services
  4. Re-boot -
  5. Win Patrol - confirm no Comodo Startup nor Service ;(windows Firewall should now be ON)
  6. Uninstall Comodo via Start menu > Programs > Comodo > Firewall > Uninstall
  7. Re-Boot - (LAN & Internet should be functional - with Win Firewall ON)
  8. ERUNT (or System Restore Point)

8) XP Explorer:
%SYSTEM%\Program Files\Comodo - delete folder (Should be Empty)
%SYSTEM%\Docs&Setts\All Users\AppData\Comodo - delete folder
%SYSTEM%\Docs&Setts%USER%\AppData\Comodo - delete folder
9) Regedit: Find Comodo, cmdagent, cmdmon, inspect, - and remove all entries.
Reboot - confirm All OK
10)RegSeeker: Clean Registry, then search for Comodo, cmdagent, cmdmon, inspect,- and remove.
(In my test Regseeker found 17 more Comodo, 4 more cmdmon and 5 more cmdagent.)

I do hope this info helps others, then my investment in time will not be entirely wasted.

I now have v3.2 running on my day-to-day system, which appears to be quite stable.

Best Wishes to the Comodo Team