cpf.chm - attempting to use an invalid compiled help (.chm) file

I got the above error when i click on the help icon. Is there anyway to correct this?
Otherwise CHM (version is working fine on my PC. Thanks.

It is weird. What other security software do you have installed? And when you double click cpf.chm, does it open correctly? If not, it may be corrupted somehow.


I have webroot spy sweeper, spyware doctor and trend micro officescan installed on my laptop.
I suppose this is probably a case of corrupted file as it appears that i am the only one with such a problem.

In that case i could reinstall - but i will leave it as it is for the moment as i am quite happy with CPF as it is (even without the help file).

Thanks guys!

Can you open any CHM file on your system? MSIE can break & this can impact CHM files.

You’re right. I could not open any CHM files at all. Do you know what i could do to correct this? If not, i will search the web for a solution. Thanks.

It all depends on your OS & version of MSIE. Some versions of MSIE have a repair option either in the tool bar or in the Add-Remove Programs applet. Some OS’s have a MSIE repair option on MSINFO. If you have none of these or none of them work, then you’ll probably need to re-install MSIE.