CPF, CAV and YahooPops dont seem to get along

I’m using CPF with CAV along with YahooPops to retrieve e-mail through my regular e-mail client which is Poco Mail. For some reason YahooPops times out and cannot connect to retrive my yahoo e-mail. This only happened after I installed CPF and CAV. My regular POP 3 account gets retrived without any problems. I guess there is some conflict between YahooPops and CPF and CAV. Does anybody else have this problem? Does anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Can you try opening CPF>>security tab>>application monitor>>click YahooPops entry>>click edit>>click miscellaneous>>tick the box ‘skip advanced security checks’>>then click ok.

See if this works,

Thanks, I will try this when I get home tonight and post results.


 I did as you instructed and it didn't work.  In fact now my regular POP3 mail retrieval doesn't work either.  Any other suggestions?

Can you receive email with CAV email scanner disabled?

Yes, YahooPOPs works fine with e-mail scanning dissabled. My regular POP3 e-mail account retrieves just fine also.

Ok, it’s CAV which is causing the problem. Do you have CAV set to ceritfy emails? If you do can you try again with this disabled?

If this still doesn’t work can you email support@comodo.com explain your problem, maybe put a link to this thread.

Unless anybody else have any ideas?


Ok Mike, I dissabled certify e-mails and YahooPOPs still doesn’t work. Regular POP3 e-mail retrieval working fine.

I will e-mail support as you suggested. Thanks for all your help.

Ok, if they solve the issue can you post back how they solved it. This will help others who may encounter the problem.