CPF calls my program a trojan

CPF displays warnings about my program Tech-Pro World Clock, which I don’t understand, even though I wrote it.

It complains that my program is trying to act as a server, listening on a UDP port in the area 11xx. It also complains that my program has modified itself in memory, which it says is symptomatic of a trojan or a virus. I saw a similar message with another program I recently bought, Web Log Storming, from a software author who is a fellow member of my profesional association.

I know these programs are not trojans or viruses, but what will other people, potential customers, think? More worryingly, I don’t know why CPF is displaying these warnings about these programs, even though I wrote one of them!

CPF is just saying it is characteristic of a Trojan, not that it is. If you trust / know the program you can allow it should you desire.


Re. the listening on a UDP port, does your app do a time request to an NNTP server? If so, how is it getting the response?

Re. being detected as a trojan, if your app loads a compressed or packed module into the allocated app memory space and performs the unpacking within the apps space, CPF might be detecting this as an injection.

Kishork, am I thinking along the right lines here?

ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Please understand I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs - you obviously know how to code. I’m just thinking out loud :wink:

No. It uses http to check for updates. But in that respect it is operating as a client not a server. CPF reports many programs trying to be a server when I would only expect them to be a client.

Yes. In common with many programs it is packed using a compressor.

when CPF says, its trying to act as a server, it means its facilitating an internet connection. For example: CPF is sophisticated enough to understand the difference between a program making a connection or something else using another program to connect on its behalf. It would be good to submit your files to us so that we can put them into the safe list that CPF uses, so that noone will have any problems with them.