CPF blocks AVG A/V client - won't deliver e-mail!!!

I just installed CPF last night. Immediately AVG detected incoming mail but CPF would not deliver. I went to NETWORK MONITOR and re-set to TURN ON/ALLOW and the mail opened up and delivered. (I have Earthlink DSL and dial-up and can access my mail via E/L’s webmail, so I know when there is some mail at the ISP server.)
This morning, the same thing happens, but now changing the NETWORK MONITOR settings has no effect.
Why is my e-mail being blocked??
Jim, Ocala, FL

Hi and welcome,

This issue is being looked at. A fix should be released soon.

Below is a quote from egemen who works for Comodo:

Hi Guys,

CPF and “AVG Personal Email Scanner”(only) have some compatibility problems. The other email scanner plugins of AVG like Outlook, Eudora seem working.

We are trying to find the exact cause of this issue. CPF does not block anything so we need to work with Grisoft to fix the issue.

Until we fix the issue, the only solution to this problem is to set CPF temporarily to “Allow All” mode while receiving the email or using other email clients (e.g. “Outlook” instead of “Outlook Express”).

Thank you for the cooperation,


There is other information about this on the forums if you want to search more in depthly.

Hi Jim,

The root cause of the problem, as reported by Comodo, is in the time delay that the Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) introduces into the mail receive process. The AVG email scanner apparently doesn’t allow for any other process to interfere with it doing its job. It must be VERY time critical in its processing! Comodo took a while to nut this out, but they are working on a way around the issue. Hang in there - the firewall is brilliant.

Ewen :slight_smile:

if your using grisoft anti-virus and install comodo anti-virus dont
uninstall avg it currupted my outlook express i cant even load it now.

at least i think it was avg that did it, but thats when the problem
came around :-\


problem solved

You are behind a router? If yes check this

6/25 Just reloaded CPF version and used the option “Skip advanced security checks” in both AVGEMC.exe and AVGCC.exe AND I STILL COULD NOT USE MY OUTLOOK EXPRESS EMAIL. What have I left undone ?