CPF blocks application needing offline access through tcp/udp rules

A friend recently installed a trial version of O&O Defrag 8.5 which he was hoping to test before
buying a copy but every time he started this program he gets a program agent error,apparently this
program uses TCP/UDP rules to access it’s program components.

I did a quick google and i set application monitor rules to

General: Allow - TCP - In
Destination IP: Single IP
Destination Port: Single Port - 50300 (this was mention on another forum as a needed port access)

I did this for both this program applications but what i want to know if there is anything else i can do to lock down access as my mate isn’t too keen on a program sending info if access is granted to his internet settings and whether these application rules would block any access apart from internally to the application components

Does anyone know whether this will allow computer access only without internet access as another component rule is accessed for updates which is the only connection my mate wants to allow this program online

or do i need to set-up a network ruling for his standalone PC

To be honest i think my mate is really worried about using this program at the moment in case
personal info is transmitted especially as he was going to pay for the full version

Anybody got any ideas on this


What you can do is the following:

Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Alert frequency level set to HIGH or Very High"
Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Do not show certified applications by Comodo(in case it is marked as safe in our database)

Then CPF will show all connection attempts to outside. is not important as it is local address(unless you have a local proxy like proximitron)

This will help you to understand the programs internet connection habits.