CPF blocked these .exe

First off I have been using using this for several days and like alot currently using XP SP2 with IE7.

CPF blocked tgcmd.exe googled it found could be put with ISP install I use Charter and used the Charter install CD could this be it.

svhost.exe   googled found it could be Sdbot-PFworm       looking at these forums found out tht this also is used to update your IP address if not allow will lose connection.

I have downloaded several clips and when I play them in WMP CPF pops up and gives wmplayer.exe this could be Agobot-Bm worm found when googled it.

iexplorer.exe pops up also when block loose conectivity to internet so gueesing I need to allow it always.

Which of these can I allow or not aprove off.
I also plan doing a reformat my PC in several weeks.

         thanx  and regards stillen

Please double check a couple of things for me please.

When you said “svhost.exe”, did you actually mean svhost.exe or svchost.exe?

svchost.exe is a valid Windows component, svhost.exe is not a standard Windows component.

When you said “iexplorer.exe”, did you actually mean iexplorer.exe, explorer.exe or iexplore.exe?

iexplore.exe is Internet Explorer, explorer.exe is the Window shell (your desktop), iexplorer.exe is not a standard Windows component.

Before we can give you any further info, we need to know exactly what you are talking about.

Ewen :slight_smile:

In a nutshell EXACT SPELLINGS of the files are necessary. There are many malwares [like Purity Scan, SDBot etc] which has almost same names as the valid windows files. (:WIN)

Hey stillen …

These could be Trojan Horses. Trojan Horses always appear as well known exes. Sometimes it even shows the popular icon of the exe. For example winzip.exe but when executed it’s not winzip but malicious software So be careful when u execute these files.