CPF and the leaktest 'zabypass' and 'osfwbypass-demo'!

I testing more exhaustively the CPF and I found the first fails…

The CPF pass this two leaktest at 50%… :-\

This two well-known leaktest ‘zabypass’ and ‘osfwbypass-demo’ are detected by CPF if your execute its with the internet explorer previously not open.
But if you open internet explorer before and navigate with it, and then you execute the two leaktest, the CPF not detected its and fail. Why? Is a bug of CPF?

I like hope if this could are fixed in a next update for we have very good firewall… :wink:

Just to help the developers of CPF find them quicker, here is the homepage:



Thank you for the feedback. As reported, CPF catches these attempts if a browser instance is not running. We will address the other issue and provide the necessary fix.


Nice to see a prompt reply, glad the issue is being worked on ;D

This issue has been fixed in the version CPF