CPF and IE6 parentage issue

I am using CPF on WinXPSP2 Home. I discovered yesterday that the Microsoft Update link in my Start menu did not work: this link launches IE6 indirectly, using the muweb.dll library. It took awhile to discover that CPF was blocking access to this lineage of IE6: the parent is not the expected explorer.exe, but svchost.exe (DCOM Server Process Launcher). Adding a rule to allow access to this lineage solved the problem.

My concern, however, is that CPF did not ask whether this second lineage should be allowed to access the Internet. Perhaps I was trapped by “Automatically approve safe applications?” I have a similar issue with avgemc.exe (the AVG e-mail scanner): it normally is a child of explorer.exe, but if it is started from the AVG Control Center, it also becomes a child of svchost.exe; but CPF did ask about this.

Actually, the whole saga shows the power of CPF’s design of checking parentage. I do like this much!