cpf 3 new update Help Needed

big problems here (:SAD)

  1. difficult to install having uninstalled earlier editions
  2. diagnostic errors found and system froze trying to repair
  3. oops bug found every time try to use
    4 doesnt want to load at start up
    5 closes after bug found and error report sent
    6 always does this if i right click on icon in tray
    7 previous version hogged 100% mem for cpfagent.exe…and froze sys
    have uninstalled reinstalled etc
    please advise to resolve issues as zone alarm I think is calling


Go through this to uninstall,try a reinstall and see


I’m also having big problems with this version ( - crashes often when I change D+ settings, have to reboot as CFP completly freezes up. Will try doing a fresh install to see if that fixes the problem, never had anything like this happen on previous versions.

Update: Reinstall did not help - although I have found that if I wait long enough CFP will eventually begin to respond again.