CPF 3: can't see the other computers of the network


My CPF 3 is running with the Firewall Security Level set to Train with Safe Mode, and the Defense + Security Level set to Clean PC Mode.

My PC can’t find the other computers of the network. I’ve tried to solve this by creating a network zone with the IP range of the network, but it didn’t work.

Please, could you help me?

Thank you.

Hi Joli,

i’ve got this problems too.
I’m using CPF3 with

  • Firewall Security Level → Custom Policy Mode
  • Defense Security Level → Disabled

I’ve tried out a couple off Rules and nothing helps.

Ping is ok.


PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Have you tried to go to firewall/custom tasks/stealth ports wizard?
Choose the first option.


no, i did’nt. I’ll try it when i’m back at home.

I’ve forgotten to say that there are no entries in the logs.


I did it.
The network is still invisible.
What else could I try?

Thank you for helping.