CPF 3 and Vista Home Premium

I’m using Vista home premium and I decided to look at my networking and sharing window and I was wondering how come the network discovery is custom and the file sharing is on. I can’t change it from there and it says I can change it through my firewall application.


So like how do I do this? All I want is the internet not sharing or any kind of stuff.

Since nobody else has answer I thought Ganda would. ;D
Mine are the same I have not set a fixed IP so why it is set custom I do not know all I have changed is file sharing (Disabled) and disabled Netbois.(File sharing is still marked on)
If you want to disable file sharing select Manage Network Connections.
Right click on Your Connection (Lan or Wireless) select properties and in the tab that comes up you can untick file sharing etc. if you are sure you do not want to share files.

BUMP for answer please.

Sorry I haven’t posted what you requested cause vista crashed and won’t go to windows so I was forced to reformat it >< I’m now checking sonys website maybe the drivers they have for my laptop can also run on win xp pro.

I’ll post your request later.