CPF 3 and Micorsoft/Windows update

Good use so far, real easy to get configured, much better appearance and organization.
But I have one little problem, Windows update access is not being allowed. In fact, it’s blocking access to there servers and I can’t seem to find a way to allow access to them. Now, I disabled the firewall to verify it, and it is indeed Comodo. If I disable just the firewall I get access. So Defense+ is not doing anything.
Here is the error I get with Comodo on.
A misconfigured Proxy/Firewall can cause this problem. Double-check the Proxy/Firewall settings. Add the following urls to the exception list within your Firewall/Proxy:
For help configuring Proxy/Firewall refer to documentation or contact the manufacturer.
from this exact site Microsoft Update.

Can no one help me?

I have just tested it and even though I have never configured anything related to the microsoft update in CFP3, it works fine.

What you could try is:

  • Close all programms that you do not need.
  • Right-Click the comodo icon in your taskbar.
  • Set the Firewall to training mode.
  • Start the update.

That didn’t work…

Well, the question now would be… what settings have you made after installing CFP?
It’s hard to guess what you have configured…

Could be some service you have blocked.

You could maybe post your log file after running the failed update.

Ok, I know it’s the svchost.exe file. I had to set some rules to allow media sharing to my XBox, and it blocks the MS Update sites. Anyone know if it’s save to give that program all access?

svchost is used for many other services as connection to the network.
If you do not trust that file… you dont have to connect your windows to the internet at all.

So be it, it will be a trusted application!

Good morning,

I have the same problem with windows update and CPF 3 : when i do it my cpu increase to 100% so i must reboot and desactivate the automatic update mode for windows(it’s the same with the windows update on the web). All my configuration is ok and all the applications are authorized. (:NRD). I don’t really understand where is the problem …

I had that once, my update files got corrupt. On the home page, there is an option to either go to MS Update or back to Windows update. Either way, it forces new files to be written.

Try going to Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy and under Application Rules look for Windows Updates, and if it is blocked… Allow it!