CPF 3 and AVG e-mail scanner

I’ve been over and over these forums and scoured the net for a solution to this problem but have been unable to resolve it. I found some instructions for CPF 2, but didnt seem to help with CPF 3

When i first installed CPF everything worked fine. I woke up the next morning and none of my “normal” e-mail accounts would connect. By normal I mean standard ports etc. All of my gmail accounts connected fine.

If I disable the e-mail scanner in AVG 7.5 pro all e-mail works fine.

Win XP sp2 all current patches etc
latest release of CPF
latest release of AVG 7.5 pro

Just an idea but have you tried changing the global rule for AVG to “Trusted Application” and added AVG as a “Trusted Software Vendors” in Defense+

What Defense+ / Firewall alerts are you getting with regards to AVG?

I’ve not used AVG myself for over a year now but as long as you Allow the action of the AVG modules you shouldn’t be having any problems.


Well, i finally figured out the issue. Webroot spysweeper was the problem

CFP + AVG e-mail scanner works fine
CFP + AVG e-mail scanner + spysweeper only works if AVG e-mail scanner is disabled