CPF 3.0 Cannot detect Automatically The Network Adapter

CPF 3.0 cannot detect automatically the network adapter on my machine but i have found a way to solve this problem ;D If CPF 3.0 can’t detect the N.Adapter then the firewall log will probably get flooded with DHCP request on ports 67,68 to solve this problem i just had to unplug the cable modem for a 10 sec and then plugg it back in and then CPF had automatically detected the network adapter! If i delete the adapter from /My Network Zones\ on the next restart CPF will not detect a new network adapter unless i unplugg the cable modem and plug it back in again? but hey this works too (R)
The network adapter is Intel Pro 100 VE /Desktop Adapter\ CPF doesn’t configure it automatically so the rules have to be set manualy+pluggin out/in the cable modem is a temp fix the connection will probably be lost after so many DHCP failures

The second issue is about CPF Main GUI when i open a firewall and then close it down it takes a few sec for firewall to perform that task and then all the ICONS on the desktop dissapear for about a few sec?

I am using P4/HT Win XP SP2 1.75GB of ram NVidia geforce 5500 fx graphic card with the latest driver

Thanks for this cpf, I’m sure it will help others that have had this problem.

Do you have any other security software running at the same time as CFP that may cause this slowdown to happen? Sometimes security apps running together can cause a conflict.


Hi i have BoClean and AVG free ve.