CPF 2 interim update release


Quick update:

our Dev guys have again done an excellent job and finalised the CPF 2 interim release with better CPU usage, better compatibility with other security products, less bugs. The product was ready today, but for many reasons we don’t release anything on a friday (for obvious reasons). And because the UK is on a bank holiday on monday (and the chap responsible for web updates is based in one of our UK offices) the update is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.


Thank you for this very useful information Melih :smiley:

Thats great news Melih. Thanks for telling us. ;D

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed Melih.

Thank you Melih, that’s great news.


Could you please give us a short list of what kind of fixes this update will have?

Hi Melih.

Good news, and as Justin1278 said. A list of all the fixes/improvementes would be nice.

I read that the CPU usage was improved, also the memory usage?


We have done the CPU usages so that it does not consume.
Compatibility with other security products like other AVs etc has been fixed
Few bugs have been fixed.

The issue with memory consumption will be addressed in the next release, not this tuesday one. We have identified what we have to do to improve memory usage, it will just take time.


Melih. those are good news. the next update among other things will adress the CPU usage… and the following update will address the memory use !!! wow :o

Keep the good work

Hello, Melih -

Thank you for keeping your users informed.

Does the update due out on Tuesday include a fix for the Windows XP Security Center issue - in which Comodo still appears as a (disabled) firewall when uninstalled?

Many thanks… Will pop by again tomorrow!

Melih, thanks for the update. It is well appreciated.

I am also running XP but XP Pro, and my Sec center shows Comodo Firewall is Protecting my system. You might try setting the security to minimum and reboot. Then reset it back to Custom or what ever you are using, and reboot again. This should force a reset.
Have a great week ALL. ;D

Hi, Leebme -

Thanks… I was actual referring to the issue where Comodo is still registered as a firewall in the Windows Security Center even when it is uninstalled. Another user has reported this problem; see Uninstall Problem. I’m interested to see if the fix made its way into the Tuesday build.

Just got the update. My wireless network seems to be connecting a bit quicker now. It was taking 15 to 20 seconds to reconnect to my network when coming out of hibernation, but now connects almost instantly. This was my biggest problem with CPF 2.0, now sorted.

Just a note: The leaktest mentioned here is no longer a problem with this new update :o

Just done the latest update, so now running version However, I now find anything other than “allow” for applications results in them not working. Eg, Firefox or IE cannot connect when in/out set to “ask” instead of the default “allow”.
It used to before, as I like to see a request to go netwide.

Hi Kentish,

You are right! Please check the updates on thursday again. Sorry about the inconvenience this may cause.


No probs mate.
Never been part of any software development/testing before.

Hi, has this update been released yet? Thanks

Ys it has been released. Your CPF should check and inform you if it requires an update.

@ egeman, it still says after updating, is this correct?