CPF 2.4 System Tray Icon Problems?


I use Litestep as my shell. CPF 2.3 system tray icon would display a menu when clicked on. Now I have upgraded to CPF 2.4 (after a clean install, as updater was giving 108 error), I do not see a menu when the system tray icon is left, right or middle clicked on.

Any Ideas?

[EDIT] When I change the Firewall Security Level to Allow All from Custom, I get a menu when I click on the system tray icon, change back to Custom and no menu. This means the only way to exit the firewall is to set security level to Allow All, which means when you start it again you have an open system until you set it to Custom again. Any way to fix this behaviour?


I’d go to http://support.comodo.com, register and lodge a support ticket with the ir official support centre on this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just to inform, this is not due to litestep alone, I got the same “bug”?" when using ObjectDock.

No biggy, as you can always run CPF.exe manually and set the thing you want :slight_smile:

@Panic, will report this too, thank you.

I have the same problem with the new commodo icon and trayman. Trayman is a utility that gathers up tray icons and presents them all in a single menu. Prior versions of commodo works just fine with trayman. You open trayman menu go to commodo icon and right click on it and you get the standard commodo right click menu. New version of commodo and icon fails to function with any clicks, right, left, or otherwise.

I think I will drop back to the previous version of commodo as I don’t like some of the other downgrades in the current version.


Gary Britt

Same problem I had. :frowning: My shell is BBLean instead of exploder.exe. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any other apps in systray works well by clicking mouse. Even with CPF 2.3. ???
CPF 2.4 does not return any reply by clicking mouse. :-
What is the cause?

well well …
i have also bblean. i posted about this here and noone said anything about a solution. i even had to go to 2.3 version in hope 2.4 would solve this but i guess it has not.

the problem is not accessing main window, cause, yes we can click it on desktop and itll be forced to show it, the thing is(at least for me) that after a while that window became flicky and it was impossible to turn protection on, and the worst is all connections were blocked, cause it is set to do so until protection is on…so… reboot, uninstall, ???

support from commodo… how comes any other issue is kind of talked about on here (forum) but this? is it cause its a alternative-shell-“minority” issue??? ???

There is obviously some sort of incompatibility between CFP (or the graphic toolkit used to build its display windows and icons) and graphic intensive shell extensions like Bblean, Objectdock, litestep (and YZ’s tray for that matter).

AllI can recommend you do is go to http://support.comodo.com, register and lodge a support ticket with the official support centre. Queries that extend beyond application functionality are usually beyond the knowledge level of users here (no disrespect to anyone intended) and are best addressed by the developers of CFP.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


I hardly call Litestep or BBLean graphically intensive, and they are not extensions to a shell, they are shells in their own right. I have already gone to support with this issue but have not received a ticket or any further communication. I can’t say I blame them as most people use explorer as their shell.


I would just like to add to the list of people currently experiencing this problem.
I am on Windows XP SP2, running Litestep 0.24.7 RC1
For those familiar with litestep, i am using vtray 1.06 for my system tray.

I hope this gets fixed soon.


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Yes, and to help the comodo team to fix this, send in an support ticket - http://support.comodo.com/

(But I guess you already have done that :wink: )