CPF-2.4 Suddenly turned off (nowhere else to post this)

Before anyone says it, I know 2.4 is old and without all the “bells and whistles”, but it did what I wanted and did it very well…

Using 2.4 (1.84) for a long time on an XP-Sp3 system without any problem at all, suddenly, today, it told me that none of the monitors were working and suggested a re-install … which I did.

Opening up the main program, all the monitors were shut OFF and would not accept being clicked ON.

I ran systems checks with RegCleaner, HiJack, Spybot and cleaned all references I could find out of the registry … still no go.

I did notice that there was a set of registry items that called CMDAGENT service that were tied to Comodo and could not be eliminated. I could not, however, find that service either as a parent of child in the service listing.

My last thought and question is … could Comodo have disabled itself because it is no longer supported?

Anyone able to shed some (or any) light on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks …

Welcome to the forum.

In all honesty it’s been a year or so since I last looked at v2. I seem to remember it being a driver issue as indicated by this thread:

Comodo will not load any services–app monitor, component monitor, etc.

Failing that try searching the V2 help:

Help for v2

I really appreciate your time and effort, Toggie and was encouraged when I read all your info, but … it didn’t help.

Everything you referenced was there where it should have been, service, drivers, et al, but the monitors are still turned off and unresponsive.

I’ve been at this most of the afternoon and about two hours this evening … enough for today.

Sad to say, with Comodo uninstalled and only XP Firewall running I’ve already picked up something that is causing a browser redirect and whatever it is doesn’t show on HiJack or Spybot. Proves we all need firewalls.

I’ll look at it again tomorrow with, hopefully, a fresh head.

Thanks again, Toggie.

Sorry to hear about the possible infection, if we can help…

Hi Pogo123

After reading your distressful post I fired up my old computer with 2.4 on it. It still functions well for me on that. After doing some downloads and various other things 2.4 is still ok. My guess is that your infection somehow disabled the monitors. If you can get rid of that I’m sure it will still work for you.


Absolutely, John … and one I’d never heard of.

For your info …

I stayed up even later last night (this morning) poking around the system, but mostly just thinking about and trying to integrate all the data I had into some form of usable info… I did not initially suspect an infection as I had been running Comodo along with Avira AV and, at my age and experience, don’t go places where I’m likely to get into trouble.

Additionally, the redirects didn’t start until the day after the Comodo monitors stopped responding. Consequently, I didn’t initially connect the two. Losing the Firewall is what I thought allowed the redirect “bad guy” in when, in fact, it was just there collecting data and getting ready to run.

Interestingly, none of my AVs (and I loaded/unloaded three different ones trying to find something) or Spybot found anything suspicious nor did HiJack or Jouni Vuorio’s RegCleaner and I regularly (every time I quit my browser) use Ccleaner to purge the system.

Just to be on the safe side, I uninstalled Java, Flash and Acrobat reader during scans

Everything I did indicated a healthy system, but I felt that the suddenness of the change in Comodo was still trying to tell me something … then I thought of a rootkit … (Duhhh!!!) … which often will not show during normal scans.

“Hello ComboFix” !!! This little known, obscure program did the trick this morning and now the system is back to normal operation … Comodo is running just fine.

Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue where this came from. I backtracked all my activities over the couple days in question and recertified everything I had copied into my system, but came up dry. Everything checked out.

I want to thank you for your interest, time and effort - I do appreciate it very much and wish you all well.