CPF 2.4 slow initialization

when i updated to 2.4 from 2.3 i noticed it takes longer for 2.4 to initialize. it takes longer now and programs that usually connect to the internet once it’s connected do not because the network isn’t live. is there something i can do to speed it up like 2.3 load up?

yah that is what i’m talking about.

well searching the boards i found a lot of people having initialization problems with their avast antivirus. i figured, perhaps it’s my antivirus that is causing this slow initialization as well. i thus excluded comodo from nod32 (version 2.7) using AMON, and it has fixed my issue.

oddly though this never was the issue for comodo version 2.3, so is this a comodo issue or a nod32 issue?

actually nevermind that didn’t fix the issue at all

i never checked after i updated … i just noticed after i kept rebooting that cpf would always be down while it initializes.

You mean cpf.exe isn’t loaded yet but the icon is there during that delay?

I resolved my own issue. Recently rebooted and the delay is gone. It might have something do with the order of which loads first: CFP or the shortcut to create my internet connection. What I did was move the shortcut from the startup folder to somewhere else. Rebooted. Then moved that shortcut back to the startup folder. Rebooted again. No more noticeable delay.

It’s only the gui that is slow to load, not the CPF engine.

Anything that is allowed to communicate should be able to do so, if it needs to (unless you have selected to block outgoing connections during boot). By default CPF blocks incoming; no changing that.

I haven’t ever tried it, because I don’t do anything until the HD has quit running full-force after login, but if something like an update has to occur, it will probably be able to. Your DNS is able to update, IP address and all that, so communication can occur.


I have problems too, I notice it especially when I run my games. I get noticeable delays every couple seconds which is annoying.

Not the engine; should be just the gui. I believe the engine is comprised of the drivers and services that run behind the scenes, that are activated during boot.


Perhaps this is a different issue… what types of lags, how long, what frequency, etc?


There might be such a thing, but I doubt that Comodo would go telling folks about commands that could potentially lead to the disabling of the firewall…

So you’re on your own there… ;D


Well as I am typing this, I got a less then a second lag, I type the text and then every couple seconds theirs a lag where it takes to show the text and show the cursor for me to continue typing. In games, it keeps lagging for short seconds and but it continues. Maybe 3-5 seconds apart or more. So I have to exit the firewall when playing games.

I have no noticeable delay, but I do get an alert from the WIndows Security Center telling me that Comodo is turned off, when in fact it is not. As soon as the tray icon loads, the message closes.

well my notebook works fine … however on this desktop cpf 2.4 takes awhile to load.

it may be the items that are starting up (ex: ati catalyst, rivatuner, utorrent, msn). is there anyway to rearrange what loads up first?

There are a number of free startup utilities, that will allow you to control the order, manner, and time in which applications run. I can’t specifically recommend any, but I know that there are a number. And of course, there are ones you can pay for as well… :wink:

You can also try, as I think soyabeaner mentioned, removing items from the startup list, and then adding them back in, to get higher in the sequence.


I have this problem, too. It takes a while to start CPF. I guess you have also experienced while starting up, and holding the mouse pointer over the tray icon, a box appears with the text “COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialized…”? Also, it is possible to open the CPF main window but all security monitoring is off. However, at “Traffic” on the middle right, you can also see “No application traffic yet.”. And there is no Internet access.

What maybe differs from you, is that I have no anti-virus software at the moment. Besides, I have eliminated every possible unnecessary process from startup, so my system (yepp, Windows XP) should be as smooth as possible.


Hi, it also depends on your OS, ram, how many startup progs, etc…If you run XP home, well let’s say XP home is a sawed off version of PRO. There is a major difference. Now, Zone Alarm always took a year off my life to load no matter what pc or OS I had, lol. Comodo I have running on my son’s pc and he has a 9 year old 850 Athlon with a whopping 256 ram , runs XP PRO on top of that, and to be honest, it takes no time at all for startups or CPF to initialize.

What I think is a difference in Windows settings, registries that cause this else all would have this problem. Perhaps the internet connection , ISP, or how you are hooked to the internet also has an effect on how fast CFP loads. I am not disputing you have this issue at all and completely believe you but there must be a common factor to cause this.

Have you , done any disk cleanups, defragments, registry clean\fixes, ran the disk check utility in windows? A few registry keys being off will cause programs , mainly security progs to run inefficiently even if startups are disabled. Also, having unknown spyware, malware , virus, can cause this.

Also depending WHAT anti-V you have will also cause different startups. Even if disabled , the registry can still effect other programs. My suggestion is to uninstall the AV and install CPF first then AV.

How long are you saying it takes CFP to start? A firewall will take a bit of time to initialize. Are you sure XP firewall is OFF? Also , make sure in XP firewall, even when it says off, by default it still monitors the LAN in advanced tab so make sure this box is unchecked. In the exceptions tab, make sure they ARE checked else XP monitors those that are not.

If you could post your pc make, model, Ram, securities, OS version"XP “home\pro sp2?” ISP, connection speed, etc…This may help a lot.


that is exactly what i am talking about. it possibly could be my school’s internet connection and comodo firewall. the reason why my notebook is faster however is possibly because i only use it to connect to wifi … i may test it through lan though to confirm this

my computer specs.
x2 4400+
2gigs pc-3200
xp pro sp2
college internet oc-3

jasyn, Just to confirm I have the same problem as you do with my Desktop as compared to my laptop.

To give you more details; Acer Laptop with XP Home SP2, 1.2 GB RAM, connection speed 100/10 MBit. Besides, as I wrote above, I have killed all unnecessary processes, and I have no Antivirus installed at all. I run registry cleaners every day, and defragment the disk (as well as the registry) every week. So the performance of my system is quite good. Also note that the previous CPF, 2.3, never appeared had this problem of slow initializing!

It takes, maybe, 30-60 seconds extra now to start CPF, compared to the 2.3 version. But the Windows Firewall is actually turned on now - perhaps this is the problem? I will test shutting it down and reboot. The reason why it is on, is that I got panic (being totally unprotected) when I rebooted and Comodo didn’t seem to start properly.