CPF 2.4 + MS WinXP Remote Desktop (using updated vista client) Problems/Bugs

behavior on pc with CPF 2.4 installed using remote desktop to work on it:

listening ports (ie. for dc++) won’t open anymore after logging in with RDP (for some reason the RDP in/out port rule does work)

killing applications that have open connections (skype, others) doesn’t remove those open ports/connections as they are listed from the activity window. (about 50 excess connections listed >30mins after closing the programs (uTorrent, MSN Messenger, Skype))

Turning off application control results in all protection being disabled somehow, and pressing turn on again doesn’t work (nor does add/edit/remove in the bar atop the rules overview)

applications (internet explorer & others) stop working after a while until restarted.

Conclusion: something seems to be very wrong with how CPF v2.4 works when connecting to a pc using remote desktop.
can someone please verify this on comodo’s end (& fix it?)

much obliged :slight_smile: