CPF start up problems

I am having problems with loading CPF from a cold boot. It seems that the GUI is not initialising correctly. A warm reboot will usually bring it up correctly. For now I am uninstalling it since this together with being unable to connect to my LAN reported here


is just causing frustration.

I am enclosing pics for the messages I get when it fails to load.

Using Win 2k sp4

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Dg05,

It seems CPF could not extract files to the folder. Can you check the directory shown if you have the correct permissions? Since GUI is down, alerts wont be shown and requests will fail leading a disconnection.

Thanks for the reply

It is currently uninstalled but I cannot see why there should be a “permission” query here. I was still logged in as Admin as I was when I installed it. Is Comodo setting any permissions here, and I do not see why it should then be ok on a warm boot.

Permission problems are the only cause for this issue. Or AV or something is blocking resource files from being extracted.

We will see if we can reproduce.