CPF and logging off/on

First time I tried logging off/on under the new beta. After I logged back on under my same user account the CPF GUI displayed with everything marked OFF and protection was BAD.

The GUI froze on my screen and I could not get rid of it totally. Usually some remnant of it remained behind or in one case a black rectangle remained. The tray icon was there but when I clicked on ‘allow all’ it still showed what I had origianlly which is ‘custom’. Basically CPF was dead in the water I suppose.

During one logoff I waited for a while at the login screen. I did this because on my machine shutdown and restart are very slow due to CPF post processing. My thinking was that maybe CPF was still shutting down even though the login screen was displayed. With the login screen displayed I heard the sound of an error message. I couldn’t see anything and can only guess that it might have been CPF.

So as it stands logoffs/logons and CPF on my system don’t get along.

this is the same problem i am having with my computers egemen will have you send it to his email so he can see the crash report he hopefully will pm you make sure to send the report to himit looks like i am not the only person with this problem i wrote about the same thing title beta hopefully they can fix this because they have a great firewall


Nope. This is different than yours. This is related to post security checks. Hopefully we will fix it with the release of 2.3

Any plans on going the route of Release Candidate for 2.3 or are you just going to go final with it in the next release of it?

We must fix this issue before releasing. So lets see together.