CPC 1.1.63928.28 SAFE DELETE not sufficient for this cleaning

I have a comment to the nice concept of SAFE DELETE.

As per this bug report, CPC can cause OpenOffice.org to stop functioning. I found out that it’s due to CPC cleaning ‘Private data’.

Now, here’s what I did, and here’s why SAFE DELETE won’t work in this case:

  1. I used CPC to clean OOo ‘Private data’ (as well as ‘Cache’ and ‘Temp’).
  2. CPC asked me to reboot to make SAFE DELETE effective, so I did that.
  3. Windows starts up and I’m offered by CPC to FINALIZE. But before I do that:
  4. I start OOo, and everything is fine.
  5. I FINALIZE with CPC.
  6. I start OOo again, and it turns into the very same event as the bug report describes (consequently I had to reinstall OOo).

Looks like SAFE DELETE wasn’t sufficient in this case. Especially since there’s no way to restore after you’ve finalized. It appears nothing was cleaned in step 1, nor after reboot. Instead, cleaning was performed as per step 5, causing damage to the OOo installation.

Looking forward to comments on this, maybe you (Comodo) can improve CSC/CPC SAFE DELETE!


Wasn’t safe delete build to prevent “boot” problems to the OS ?


That’s one of the best things about SAFE DELETE, but he wasn’t built just for this.

How did i dare to doubt it (:WIN) i had to know it did more then that :comodorocks:
so it’s a bug ?


If you are referring to things happening on Leoni’ computer. I don’t know yet. I have to replicate it here to see what’s happening.

Leoni, please help me with this. Replicate the problem… even if it means reinstalling OO again… I will get you a :■■■■ for that! But before you do that, please activate logs in CPC/CDC/CRC. Send them all to me if the problem persists after the test. Send a private message to me with those files.

Haha, thanks for the :■■■■

I’ll replicate this and get back later with the logs.


I don’t have OO but if you start spending :■■■■ i might consider trying this :BNC

OK, here we go. :■■■■

First of all, the now freshly installed OOo was not perfectly fresh as I replaced the OOo-created (upon first launch) user profile folder (C:\Documents and Settings[User]\Application Data\OpenOffice.org) with a folder I backed up, since I have some OOo toolbar settings etc. EDIT: please see update in the next post.

Then I did the test, exactly as described in the first post, and the result was exactly the same. I’m attaching the log file from this event.

Once again I reinstalled OOo (and replaced the user profile folder), because I wanted CPC to scan with just one option: ‘Private data’. This, oddly, caused CPC to say “There is no private data found!”. It’s odd because there is private data to be found. I can confirm this by checking ‘Cache’ and scan again. This will generate results where ‘Private data is included’. I’m attaching two screen shots to verify this.

Any clue what’s going on? Anyway, I’m think it’s ‘Private data’ that wrecks OOo, because scanning only ‘Cache’ and ‘Temp’ will NOT cause OOo to stop functioning when going through the OOo launch wizard.

Here’s something else very strange: CPC only cleans in the OOo user profile folder, right? However, if I delete this whole folder and launch OOo, the OOo launch wizard appears (as expected) but it does not crash… why would it crash due to CPC deleting a few files, whilst deleting ALL files makes no harm?

[attachment deleted by admin]


It seems like my personal OOo user profile folder is what causes this crash. Because, using CPC to clean a NON-altered OOo user profile folder will not make any harm. I have to go through the OOo launch wizard but it doesn’t crash.

So the mystery may be considered as resolved. However, why would my personal folder be a problem? I’ve just applied a few settings to OOo, re-arranged the toolbars, and replaced the dictionary?

Don’t know if you think it’s worth the effort, but if so, I could zip the whole OOo user profile folder (it’s only 2 MB or so) and email it to you. I guess I’m not unique having an OOo user profile folder that differs slightly from the default one. It should be rather common to arrange toolbars differently etc., so more people may run into this if they check the ‘Private data’ option in CPC.



This is a good idea. Please do that and PM me with the link to download it.

OK, done (email)! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that I have Windows XP SP3, and the latest version of OOo, in case that makes any difference.