covered trojans menu button

Hello all! I have just installed BOclean on a vista ultimate computer and I have a question. When I open up BOclean and press the covered trojans button, I get a window that says the txt. file could not be found. What exactly is supposed to happen when I press that button?


i think there should be a list of trojans BOClean is capable to detect and kill

Here, when I click at “Covered Trojans” button, the button status changes to “Writting list”, and after a delay of ± 1 minute, a txt file named “BOClist.txt” is opened, with around 44500 lines.

thanks for the replies. I tried it again. The messege says BOClist.txt not found. Would you like
to create a file? I clicked yes and tied the covered trojan options again. Same thing. Seems like
BOclean is unable to create a file on my system for some reason.

well obviously this IS a signature database. It just generates it dynamically.

Sounds like something is missing…
Did you read and follow the install instructions for Vista?

Is your client getting updated?
Do a search of your drive for your BOC425.xvu files and check that they are there and up to date.
You may find this posting helpful :

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